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  • Apr 25, 2018 · A petition launched last summer decried the incel group as "the epicenter for misogyny on Reddit," citing posts encouraging violence against women and advocating rape.
  • Dec 03, 2020 · On the forums recently, one incel confessed how much he enjoys frightening women walking alone at night. Other commenters agreed that this was a hilarious thing to do. “Thank you for your service,” wrote meisterguido.
  • She lost contact with the incel community until 2014 when she was horrified to learn a self-proclaimed incel, Elliot Rodger, massacred six people and injured many more in Isla Vista, California. The incel community had metastasized. In 2013, incels launched the subreddit r/incel, which eventually amassed over 40,000 members. On the message board, some took to calling all women sluts and embodying evil.
  • Mar 07, 2018 · R/Braincels is an extremely active part of the "incel" community, which stands for "involuntary celibate" – men who blame women for their lack of sex. It's an offshoot of the r/Incels forum, which was banned by Reddit a few months back for inciting violence against women.
  • Incel, a portmanteau of “involuntarily celibate” is a term coined by a female Canadian academic known as Alana in the 1990s. There are potentially tens of millions of involuntarily celibate people in the world, usually among the younger generations.
  • Dec 17, 2020 · virgin is barely used, incel is a word they use to brand themselves and generally describes guys who are being toxic to/about women so im not even sure why thats on the ban list simp can go, whatever, but its basically being interchanged with white knight
  • Apr 26, 2018 · On that same incel forum, one supporter angrily criticises moderators for failing to write and promote a post explaining the arguments against women to the top of the discussion board, so the ...
  • Incel Liberation Army. 4,848 likes · 14 talking about this. We out here starting revolutions.
  • trucel (i veri incel, non quelli finti) nearcel (era quasi riuscito a ottenere sesso ma poi qualcosa è andato storto) Risorse esterne /r/incels, il subreddit degli incel /r/IncelTears, raccoglie le chicche migliori (peggiori) di /r/incels; Il forum dei brutti, un sito incel tutto italiano; Definizione di incel su /r/OutOfTheLoop
  • Apr 30, 2018 · This is not the first anti-woman terrorist act by a Canadian. In 1989, long before the term "incel" was coined, a creep named Marc Lépine, who couldn't get laid, entered a university classroom, separated the women from the men, executed 14 women and then killed himself. He left this suicide note (translated):
  • Apr 25, 2018 · While the main Incel subreddit was shut down last year, successor forums are popular and boards on 4Chan and the forum SlutHate (formerly PUAHate) – where Elliott Rodger was a regular – do brisk business with these hateful obsessives. There are counter-forums, notably IncelTears, which discuss and dissect the behaviour of the subculture.
  • Aug 08, 2018 · The core QAnon community is relatively small, and it would normally be a fringe conspiracy theory group that doesn’t get much attention outside the depths of internet forums.
  • jungkook uses incel forums as hair inspo and that is such a chad move. bts jungguk bts jk jeon jungkoooook jeon jungkook he a gamer boi we cant stop him. Sep 27, 2020.
  • We aim to be the friendliest forum for online mental health support. It is a place where you can speak openly and anonymously about your mental health experiences. On the Mental Health Forum you can share experiences, ask questions or vent your emotions with people who know what’s it’s like to experience mental health difficulties and everything that goes alongside them.
  • Apr 24, 2018 · Just the word "incel" is a complete lie. It's not involuntary, they're just super sh!tty guys and blame women instead of realizing just how sh!tty they are and do something about it. If I were a woman I too would stay the fvck away from these self proclaimed incels, because they are socially destructive and refuse to learn.
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Playstation wallet logini visited an incel forum once and half of the post are about how good looking chad is. they are gay no incel 'turns' to inceldom, an incel is an 'involuntary celebate,' the key word being 'involuntary' they...
Il Pianeta dei Brutti - Incel Forum. Il termine incel è un neologismo della cultura Internet che deriva dall'unione dei termini inglesi "involuntary" e "celibate", traducibile in italiano come "celibe involontario", e ne fanno parte coloro che non riescono a trovare un partner sessuale nonostante ne desiderino uno.[1]
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  • May 28, 2019 · Unlike transgender people who pursue surgery, of course, incels tend to be perpetrators, rather than targets, of violence and discrimination. Still, the positions of some incels I talked to echoed Wynn’s analysis. PostSingularityVirgin, a 21-year-old Canadian, started reading incel forums when he was 17.
  • Japan is far ahead of us in incel science, they were the first to experience the incel problem in society. If only some of us could read Japanese, who knows what incel truths we may uncover from their forums that are probably several decades ahead of us in the black pill department.
  • Today we dive into the RedPillTalk forums and get our fingers on the pulse of the incel community. I hope there's soap nearby. #incel #redpill #thisismylifen...

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Dec 15, 2020 · The incel subculture of self-professed involuntary celibates is a 'deeply sexist and misogynistic' development of age-old sexism that has been given a boost with the rise of internet communities ...
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May 27, 2014 · It's an ideology that you encounter everywhere from marginal "incel" forums to political debates over reproductive rights, the shared belief being that men are entitled to govern women's bodies.
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- Topic Si je vous dis Incel vous me dites ? du 29-12-2020 11:02:55 sur les forums de
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Pretty accurate. West Slavs are german beggers, its like they don't even want to be Slavs. West Slavs are Poles, Czechs and Slovaks. East Slavs (Russians, Belarusians, Ukrainians)have truly embraced Slavhood and everything that goes with it, the Orthodox Church has helped Slavs to develop and preserve the Slavic language, culture and folklore/tradition). Apr 20, 2020 · Incel is a call to sulk in a pillow. A march for victims of women's selection bias, not a scathing indictment of hypergamy. You see the difference? Between relishing in self-defeat, or victory by not playing. The incel argument that MGTOW are incels in denial, is a typical last ditch appeal to legitimize their own victimhood.
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  • "Incel" stands for involuntarily celibate. An incel claims that they have been denied sex by women (and society as a whole) based on their looks Incels believe that they are entitled to the experience of sex.
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  • Jun 01, 2020 · “Feeling excluded is a common theme on Incel forums. As such, some incels may feel that social distancing removes some social pressure and they might be relieved to know they aren’t missing ...
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  • May 12, 2018 · The incel community, which congregates on websites like Reddit and 4Chan, is deeply sexist and misogynistic, and its members blame women for their inability to find sexual partners. Incels feel an ...
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  • Exploring Toxic Incel Forums ( If you want to help me make more content like this In today's episode we decided to dive into the incel forum site "" and see what the people...
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